Trying to explain NLP

When I started the NLP course with Sue, she told us that NLP is experiential and not something that is easily explained. For my project I decided to try to create a website to explain NLP. This website is the result and here is what I learned in the process.

NLP is not easy to explain

After numerous attempts at trying to explain NLP, which involved creating copious amounts of information and trying to compile it into some semblance of order or logic, then scrapping it all and starting again. I lost track of how many times a started again. Eventually I came to realize that what Sue had said, was completely true. You can’t explain NLP, you have to experience it.

And if you cannot explain it, how can you hope to create a website that does that. I realized I had found a very real limitation with websites. So what to do.

Create a space to facilitate

Ok, so if you cannot explain NLP on a website, what can you get the website to do? The answer was simple, get it to do what I had been learning to do, get it to facilitate. Build a website to support and assist with the Spiral process. A place where people who have some understanding of NLP can ask questions & receive lots of “feedback”.

Over and above that, I wanted to create a space where people can share their experience with NLP. You cannot simply explain NLP but if we had to get hundred of stories from real people about how they have integrated NLP into their lives, then maybe, just maybe, we might be on track to starting to explain NLP…:)

And so, I invite you to step into the centre of your Spiral, and join the Spiral Process. Come meet other people & their Spirals. Come and share your NLP story.

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